This Bike-Nest store is not OPEN YET, But you can help fund bike-nest at no cost to you. it has been selected to be presented as a segment on the crowd funder TV show this sunday, at 11:00 est. you pledge and receive a gift card in the amount of the pledge for a store of your choice at full value and a donation is made by the TV station to Bike-nest. Here's how it works;


Easy Storage: Raise your bike with a tug on the safety release then a slight push down on the bike engages the unique spring mechanism, which lifts the bike for you without any power or pulleys.

Easy Access: Slight downward pressure will lower your bike to the floor so it's ready to use.

No Power, No Pulleys: Bike-Nest uses no power or pulleys its unique spring mechanism lifts the bike for you with only your fingertips to guide it.

Easy to Install: Only two screws are used to mount Bike-Nest to any ceiling joist or beam in almost any location; your garage, house, apartment or loft.

All Kinds of Bikes: Bike-Nest works with all kinds of bikes; road bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes, and high-performance bikes.

Compact Design: Its compact design makes it easy to install Bike-Nest almost anywhere you want to store your bike. It maximizes storage space by raising your bike out of the way.

Easy to Attach: It needs only one attachment point to hold your bike securely with its specially designed non marring, non scratching attaching hook. No matter how off balance or slanted your bikes bar is, when it's attached, it's secure, yet fast and easy to load and unload.

the easy way to store and access your bike. it lifts it for you like a self retracting window shade

  • Supporters make a pledge for Bike-Nest  on the Fudrazr website for The Crowd Funder Show and receive as a perk a gift card  to places like Home Depot, Starbucks, Best Buy, Subway and more for the value of the pledge.
  • The Crowd Funder Show's sponsors donate an amount equal to ~40% of the pledge to Bike-Nest to help fund the production of it.
  • Please follow the link to my site on the Fundrazr website to pledge and select a gift card perk.
  • Link to my location; The Crowd Funder Show Bike-Nest link

The new Bike-Nest case Design rendering now being prototyped.

New bicycle clamping device provides easy attach & detach while protecting bike even more gently as only soft rubber strap touches the bike.